April 11, 2013

H817 Activity 12 - Releasing the Trap

Watching this interview from Activity 12 in this Course I realised that I'd fallen into a traditional learning trap!

Here I was thinking about the Activities like 1,2,3----oh no I haven't done 10---so I can't do 12. (left hand side) when I realised I could see them any which way I wanted! The Open University structure on the page is very much left hand drive, top to bottom. This type of training hardly lets the brain think outside of this square. But I can see the Activities as having a different relationship to my experience, interests and what I want to achieve from this Open Course. They are all different flavoured jelly-beans. I'm encouraging myself to see them in that light. Now I feel motivated to crack on! I can do whatever Activity I like, when I like and how I like! In that way I can keep on learning instead of feeling stuck or ....horror.... behind or ...missing the point. Now I can progress on my terms rather than let this stodgy, annoying website structure get in the way! That's the MOOC way.