May 8, 2019

Anchor Points

Anchor Points

In the anchor points of life
we hold
In the memories we have
tales are told
In the experiences we never ask for
is gold
In the crashes we nearly had
but didn't fold
In the buzz of creation
we are sold
In the notes we didn't play
silence is bowled
At those moments of flow
we enfold
Keep the anchor points of life.

by Wendy Taleo

A response from The Art of Is
Kevin Hodgson story of improvisation.

April 11, 2019

From the river to the stars

Image: Wendy Taleo 2019 Todd River, Alice Springs, Australia

From the river to the stars
Where the hemispheres meet
There we sat

Breaking the ice, silently,
'Who taught you to read?'
Invited in.

A quilt depicted
many squares, one picture
open unite.

On my way to work
I cross the Todd river
not one in crisis.

I stand in the riverbed
Only magpies warble
Optimists, each one.

The intense blue sky
will be filled with that milky band
over my head tonight.

The richest blanket of stars
endless possibilities of understanding
learning for life.

Inspired by Kate Bowles, Keynote at OER19, Galway, Ireland.

I acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which I live, create and work. The Arrernte people in Mparntwe. This incredible land that gives us natural desert beauty, the landscape of this image. I pay respect to elders past, present and emerging.

March 29, 2019

Entr'actes and other ways to fill silences

A journey in Haibun* style

I sit in the space
Between life Act II and III
Cue musical score

I have previously written about the importance of spaces and recently there was some talk of preparing activities for introverts and being able to participate in class 'without speaking' (Activity 3 from Dave Cormier's Open Pedagogy Lab). Kate responded and said she was designing a silent icebreaker for her next conference presentation.

Create thinking gaps
Heavy heat enfolds all sound
Gentle cracks in bark.

Autumm said that media training provides a scare campaign for dead air. However, when the focus is on human connections, we don't need to fear that space. In connected learning, human connections are critical. For the #CLMOOC bookclub we have been thinking about Affinity Online (Ito et al 2019) and this has led me to think about how space and silence contributes to the affinity space.

All places defined
By the space around the edge
Every season known

If no edge defined
Can we measure the centre
Or pivot from that?

Sarah inserted some D&G to think about rhizomes and what part the centre plays in rhizomatic learning. I've never thought of intermezzo in relation to connected learning. Laura gave me a poetic explanation of the function of an intermezzo.

The sideline song hums
Underlying daily chores
Concentration cracked

The intermezzo was an operatic solution to cover the scene changes. It provided a story between the main Acts, more than a musical interlude. Later it was an Opus in it's own right (Brahms)

Links may break in future
Lost in Error 404
Our words remain here

I compose my own intermezzo, converting the letters of 'Affinity Network' against the 7 key scale....I play with keys and chords, melodies and instruments. This is my happy place.

Intervals in life
Follow no easy pattern
Music intersects

*haibun, a mixture of hai(ku) poem and bun(sho) prose

January 21, 2019

Reconstructions Remix

Looking Through the Shoes
Looking through the shoes. Alan Levine 2019

What do we see when we look through the shoes of another persons trampling? Terry shared this video for some #Netnarr #MoDigiWri #clmooc kind of swing. It ain't got that swing. I took the subtitle of the video for inspiration for this 12th post in a series.

Recommended listening while reading this post (by Kevin Hodgson)

The art of reconstruction is not that easy. The above music and the following example is like taking 'news from poems' as Terry mentioned. Take the following example of a very talented uke player reconstructing a piece of music given to him.

In the music world this is called an 'arrangement'. Listening to the music and then playing it on the ukulele, trying to pick out the nuances and the main themes of the music. This is a process video where he is sharing his thinking and skills in how to pick apart the music. There is repetition and a middle (or bridge) section. He starts by getting the rhythm, chords and picking up beat numbers. He has a creative constraint with a timer and this impacts his thinking but also forces the activity to some sort of a closure. I love the 7:45min where he appears to get distracted by the icon but really it's about 'getting in character' for the piece.

This is what Kevin is doing in this post where he reconstructs not only his own work but remixes some of Terry's work. . I go to Terry's original work and let my digital eyes trace the paths of others. Walking in the margins and stomping in the comments.

Reconstruction never seeks to break things but rather to enhance or keep the main body alive for a few more rounds. This is closely related to recreate. Re-forming structure is one way of understanding the structure. This seems to be one step past a close read. Remix seeks to enhance while putting a little of ourselves into the mix.

January 18, 2019

The Net

Photo by Aaina Sharma on Unsplash

It's summer in Australia and that means tennis. There is something self-mesmirising about watching the ball go from one side to the other. But this game is not about the ball, or the racket. It's about the net. The net has the power in this game. 

Have you ever played gif volley? Here is the result of a recent match. The pirate (aka @Telliowkuwp) blogged about dark ink and with a literal twist, I responded with some dark ink. Gif's were passed over the net, back and foward until it came to rest with plain, dark ink again. A shy yellow tear, sliding down the face. As @dogtrax asked about the point of 'sense', I realised that this is not senseless. Play and response is always getting points on my court.

This post in a series for More Digital Writing #MoDigiWri