April 24, 2013

H817 Activity 21 How technology and pedagogy inter-relate

  • Task: discuss the relationship between technology and pedagogic theory and practice, drawing on your own context and experience.

In this Activity I actually used the Forum in the Open Education site!!! Most of it can be found there: http://bit.ly/ZNvUfB 

In brief, I think that the missing component on this discussion is DESIGN! I see this complex relationship more like this:

  • The focus of this week then is on the types of technology that support open education
This is mentioned at the bottom of Week 6 but then what? This seems to be disconnected from the main content of this week. However there was some interesting discussion on iPads and how the desire to 'have' is driving the 'how we use' this technology. Harking back to the Digital Cultures MOOC (EDCMOOC) that I completed, I can see this as part of our humanness....our desire to have new toys. I see this in a Developing Country context with the desire to have the mobile smart phone not really related to the ability to use it with regular access to the mobile network. A child will love something new, play with it, figure out how parts of it work and then either discard (not useful now) or love it (use it and discover new things). There has been quite a bit of writing on iPads/tablets and children. I'm an involved and interested but just sitting as a spectator at the moment with my 2+ yr old boy. Sometimes I'm just in awe of this Digital Native and trying to think what technology he will be using post-secondary and how he will be learning and how open education might be! I love that moment when he reaches out to touch the screen of the desk-bound PC and is cross because it's not reacting to his touch!

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