September 26, 2013

OpenBadges MOOC - Week 1

This is an honest post....

What happens at the start of a MOOC? I am trying to get my head around the subject matter, trying to sort out the best way to document my findings, trying to work out the best website to use for the requirements and generally over-multi tasking as I like to do! What groups do I join? What time commitment will I put into this? Who else is doing it at my workplace?

Here are some scrambled references after listening to the Week 1 recording:

First Twitter feed:

 MP4 vs Blackboard Recording?
I watched Week 1 via the Blackboard Collaborate recording version. While it's great to see the video I got very distracted by the chat area. It was constantly scrolling with non-sequential conversations and people coming and going.

Week 2 I am watching the MP4 version. It's a lot less to concentrate on with just the whiteboard and audio. But I missed that "nice to see you", when the guest speakers turn on their video. The slides are disorganised and can get confusing trying to follow the path of the speaker. In some cases the slides do not change and the speaker shares a lot of information. That's when I need the pen and paper (truly) handy!

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