October 14, 2013

Open Badges MOOC - Challenge 3 - adding the Assessor and Standards Organisation

Open Badges MOOC - Challenge 3

1. Outline of the badge system for this Learning Ecosystem:
a.    Standards Organisation – this is a combination of features from the existing Standards organisations (Higher Education Academics and one for the Learning management sytem (eg: Blackboard)). This organisation would impact the careers of:
                                                    i.     Ted – determines the competencies he needs to have to teach online (see after badge story below)
                                                   ii.     Aleeda – gives her the list of competencies to match and assess new staff to the organisation
                                                  iii.     Wally – an tech/education industry agreed list of competencies that he needs in his work to do technology support and staff support that would be internationally recognised. (see after badge story below)
b.    Open Badge system would be embedded into the Learning Management System in the organisation. The badges are open and have clear and concise metadata attached to them that would allow them to be exported to a platform like Mozilla Backpack.
c.    Badge system would benefit all employment agencies in the HE and Vocational Education sector as they look for staff that have demonstrated experience in the online space.
d.    Badge system would also benefit all staff as it would be linked to their remuneration. This would also be linked to the Government Enterprise Agreement. Internally to the University this means that the Badge system would be clearly linked to the Performance Development Review System (PDRS) so that badges would be able to show the required evidence to move from one pay scale to another.

UPDATE: Learning/Badge Ecosystem adding the Assessor and Standards Organisation


After Badges: Wally was employed at a Higher Education Worker level 5. However since being in the position for 12 months he not only has real experience under his belt, he has been able to complete his accredited qualification of Certificate IV in Training and Assessing (national qualification) and obtain his Blackboard Product Specialist qualification (international technical qualification). He can now get an open badge for his combine experience. At the annual review of his performance he has both the accredited course that has a transcript attached but he has a badge that links to various items within the LMS to show his experience. The Blackboard certificate also comes with a badge to indicate the level of this particular study. This is then a clear path to a pay rise for Wally.

After badges:  Ted has been through two semesters of teaching in the Uni now. He is applying for another contract teaching role with an overseas university in the same discipline. He now has a open badge that is linked to his on the job training in the Uni for both skills in the Learning Management System and the evidence of the four units he taught over the two semesters. He has a badge from the Uni Office of Learning and Teaching that shows that one of his online units has been reviewed and matched with Student Feedback data and he reached an exemplary level. This metadata attached to the badge allows him to communicate his skills for the new contract so that they know he will be up and running quickly in the new teaching period in the new cultural environment. It also allows the new employer to quickly design the gap training that he might need for different versions of the Learning Management System, different features available and organisational specific context that are different to his current role.

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