October 3, 2013

Open Badges MOOC - Process of assessment - my challenge.

Sometimes we learn things in the most unexpected areas! I'm up to my third attempt for Challenge 1!! Thank goodness for multiple attempts. The feedback to my post that you can see further down this blog was "too abstract, try again". Well this threw me back to my Uni days when I received a 0 (yep, zero) for a first year marketing assignment. That still smarts to this day! There was no options for resubmission and I have been steering clear of all things marketing since!

Well I'm hoping that this process will be a bit better. The feedback was clear and allows for another attempt. Of course I could just pull the plug on the whole MOOC and say "stuff you, I'll do it my own way"....but there is rules to follow and at the end of the day you have to get somebody to understand your ideas if they are going to get off the ground. Or maybe it's getting the ideas out of the clouds and into the system!!

I'll post the modified version here when I receive my badge! You can then give me some peer feedback on which version you would award the badge for!

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