May 28, 2014

ocTEL Week 3 Activity 3.1 Using New Tools: Touchcast

Activity 3.1: Creating your own materials

Have a look at : Touchcast
  • How easy was it to understand how this tool worked?
    • Touchcast sign-up went really smoothly. The first choice was to browse existing touchcasts or to create your own. After browsing a couple of existing public products I was really interested to try my own. Being able to see demonstrations of the tool helped me to pickup how the tool could work. Then by starting my own, I got all the instructions on-screen (no separate help file required) to get started.
  • How quickly and easily would you find it to use?
    • In about 10 minutes I had created my first Touchcast. I could activate the basic template choice and create content with video/sound and text very easily. I estimate it would take a couple of days to refine it and add the other features such as screen sharing.
  • How could you apply this tool in your own teaching?
    • Tthis tool could be used to show new tools that are coming up in the LMS and get staff excited about new features (or improvements). Upgrades to the LMS happen at least once a year and the training aspect of this process is lacking and doesn't always get the message across. This tool offers a quick and easy way to combine video of someone talking with other information.
    • I would have to investigate the export feature (from the iPad) and how portable these files are.
    • The other issue is whether the organisation would accept it. I have tried to create innovative learning materials before but unless there is a senior person supporting the development of the material then it may not get past my immediate supervisor.
  • What does this tool offer that has advantages over your current practice?
    • Most of our "new features" or "upgrade" information is purely text and screen shots. Quite often the staff do not read the document that is sent out to them, whereas this type of format could be used to spark their interest in the new features, make them aware of what is happening and then have the document as followup with more information. This would personalise the message, make it flow better and make it more interesting to the staff.

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