May 23, 2015

Artifacts - Creating for Week 6

What creations will we bring to the table for Week 6 of Rhizomatic Learning (A practical guide) 2015?

This page will grow this week as I add various artifacts created.
Let's start with a Haiku.

Image courtesy of

Digital badge for Rhizomatic Learning cMOOC Participation - This exercise also showed the rhizome in practice with the code being passed (or authorised) from one member to another.

The Facebook Open Digital Badge created using FB SNA graphic shared by Aras Bozkurt.
Code is valid for 1 year with unlimited credit.

Sestina Poetry (Mark II) never progressed past the first 3 stanzas. Not recorded in FlipGrid.
(Updated June 2015)

A fare-thee-well from Mr Scruff. Keep it Unreal. Keep Moving.

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