July 16, 2015

Mickey Mouse Systems (or why it took me three times longer to get to work)

Thanks to Monica Multer post and Ida Brandao influence it took me 3 times longer to get to work today because I choose to #DoNowBike with systems thinking. I photographed the systems that I incorporate into the part of my day called: Getting To Work

I watched this video as well (shared by Sheri Edwards) which starts off with the whole bike thing. Given that I spend a fair bit of my time on this mode of transport (but I'd really just like to be a Vespa girl) I was interesting in this perspective. So here is my biased view on systems.

With this diagram from Sheri https://farm1.staticflickr.com/426/19719210482_b2e3bdbe29_b.jpg  I'm thinking this will fit right in.

Connected Learning MOOC Week 4 - All Systems a go!

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