June 27, 2016

Loudly lurking (with new tech tools)

Testing out vibby.com I have used the #DigCiz Week One Hangout to highlight some of the things I heard. I'm using this as an example of 'loudly lurking'. How can people show that they watched your Hangout/conversation/video? My highlights might tell a different story to the whole one hour hangout but that's the beauty of individuals and what they bring to the conversation, async.

Vibby is in beta - right - but I'm an early adopter so that's not scary for me. I found it easier to use than Vialogues but wondering if others will be able to join in the comments or perhaps add other highlights.
You might need to try this link:  https://www.vibby.com/watch?vib=X1Fmo17gG to access the comments

I picked up this new tool from here. Thanks to Terry Elliot for his visibility in his learning as part of his Digital Citizenship contract with himself.

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