April 24, 2017

Twitter Lookbook

A Sweet Breeze

a sweet breeze rises carrying a subtle scent spring in new england #sundayhaiku #clmooc
By @algotruneman

buds opening now some leaves, not large. just pale green anticipation #sundayhaiku #clmooc
By @algotruneman

@algotruneman Even small flowers close their eyes to drink it in; embrace the Sunshine #sundayhaiku response #clmooc
By @dogtrax

The Process:

1. Twitter Archiver from https://www.labnol.org/ Intro: https://youtu.be/MGU7azCYFpw Thanks to Terry Elliott for finding this tool.
2. Google Spreadsheet plus add-on
3. Export Google sheet to Excel
4. Import into Microsoft Access (save as .mdb)
5. Complete Word Mail Merge (Just coz I'm familiar with this one and it has a neat wizard to help)


Possible alternative:
Merging data into Slides https://developers.google.com/slides/how-tos/merge
But I never quite figured this one out!

Next Steps:
I'm working on collecting my Twitter poetry if I can work out the advanced Twitter command. I'll run the Archiver for awhile and work out the format of my Lookbook! Another way to curate!

All images: unsplash.com

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