June 22, 2017

Hello Ned? - #DigCiz on Data and Privacy

I do not like this bed at all.
A lot of things have come to call.
A cow, a dog, a cat, a mouse.
Oh! What a bed! Oh! What a house!

Dr Seuss in One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Photo credit: Wendy Taleo of Dr Seuss artwork.

A poem-logue of the discussion

Professor, professor,
this is a call for you.
To get your hands tech-dirty,
understand the issues, be amongst the few.

IT preacher, IT preacher,
this is a call for you.
Head out from your safety cave.
Wait! Don't go as far as the Wild West Open.

Student, student,
I'm listening to your voice.
I want to write you a policy place,
to rest your weary choice.

you short-sighted crew.
Can't you hear those voices?
They're not new.

Student, student.
(I'm whispering now)
The big bad data collector
is all around you.

I love data
I do, I do,
I don't love policy
How much 'IT' are you?

No spamming, that's bad!
When did you last review
The acceptable use policy
at your house?

Think about the individual first,
not the systems.
This is not natural progression,
for those nerdy blimpsters.

Let's put IT at the lead
They could do it, can't they?
Instead of just that administration
Of gates and fences, locks galore.

Why create separate groups
that handle the touch points?
Where technology touches teaching and
where tech touches students.

"Maximise safety and minimise risk"
What kind of policy is that?
It don't work so well
for the pedagogy frat.

'Embrace the uncertainty' is mandatory
in this endless newbie state.
Who will drag us through?
Are constant update games our fate.

Policy takes time 
we all know that tradition-tape.
What sort of citizens do we need to be
to stop the misrepresentations

Domain, domain,
Are you my own?
What are you threatening
by existing in this town?

Are the windows unlocked?
Are the doors left ajar?
Are the cash-bulging pockets
Seen from afar?

Can we be more permeable?
Provide more than blessed bread.
A guide for picking
from a large lolly jar, you said?

(I shout your name)
Where is your turf
To play academic games?

Can you hear me, Ned?

Acknowledging all these wonderful people on the call.

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