June 13, 2017

How to get cooking - #DigCiz

There was talk around the campfire of assessing threats in the online environment and a link provided by @funnymonkey to the wikipedia page on Threat Modelling. This had a lovely Visual Representation based on a data flow diagrams which took me back to my IT days of working in large organisations and managing the servers inside the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ). This comic is my take on that.  https://www.pixton.com/uk/comic/be9njeo3

At what point do we take on the rules of the environment we find ourselves in? In the physical town/city/bush that we might live in, these rules are more clear cut. The police are there to ensure you remember the correct rules, right? However, if you are in the boat (read software) of a hashtag (fishing?) and just want to fish (learn), whose rules do you abide by? How do you get on with your fellow fisher-people? Now there may be way too many metaphors in that graphic but the basic concept of finding a comfort zone between people, where the rules are agreed upon, allows the cooking to start. The Week 3 #DigCiz post talks about digital hospitality as a way of thinking about these concepts.

One way to approach threats is to recognise the boundaries. To understand some basic rules that denote safeness or possible risk. To understand when you have crossed boundaries into a different area that might require different behaviour. To understand that sometimes, people just like breaking the rules anyway. Lora Taub-Pervizpour talks about these boundaries constantly moving in this tweet. To recognise boundaries is to also to recognise the byways and the highways and what makes up those things. She also mentions about situated practice and this is something I will think more about.

The weather is fine, the sun is shining and the campfire is burning the wood for the coals ready for the fish. Lots to think about in the #DigCiz conversations this week.

Post Script: Then Gardner Campbell talks about the mind and it's ability for 'boundlessness' in this excerpt from conversations at #NMC17. https://youtu.be/DbeuN2Hd11Q?t=27m2s

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