H817 Activity 8: An OER course

H817 Activity 8

For this activity we were asked to
"constructing a course in digital skills for an identified group of learners (e.g. undergraduates, new employees, teachers, mature learners, military personnel, etc.). It is a short, online course aimed at providing these learners with a set of resources for developing ‘digital skills’. It runs for five weeks, with a different subject each week, accounting for about six hours study per week."


My Course has the following parameters:
Learner: post-secondary or undergraduate
Length of course: 5 weeks
Study hours per week: this may be more than 6 hours as I did not look into great detail in each course. Week 2 and 3 are more post graduate level and more extensive. I selected different courses as an example of the OERs available, rather than the time frame to complete each one.
Digital Skill: This is included in week 5 but found that a purely "digital skill" was a bit restrictive for this activity. Took a bit of MOOC-license here and expanded this.
Suggested Repositories:
Discusion: I did change what I wanted to teach! I was blown away by the amount of material that was available. I initially started off with Computer Basics but did not find the basic material that I was looking for. Only much more complicated material about computer programming. However the wealth of material around learning music, writing music, publishing music was amazing and I've got a whole list of bookmarks to check out! I definitely think that OERs are suitable for this subject and there is a lot of different angles that can be taken.


  1. It's great you were able to find so much on this topic. What's available depends in large part, it seems, on which people have decided to share their stuff, and whether they are part of an educational institution that supports and promotes such sharing. I was searching for something quite specific in philosophy, which I would do if I were searching these repositories to help me with a particular course. I found nothing useful, but if I had just searched for basic philosophy things to teach an intro to philosophy course, for example, I expect I would have found more. I like the tactic you took here!

    1. Thanks Christina, there seems to be a lot of variations of this activity (as you would expect with a MOOC). Some people took the "digital skills" very literal. I also listed whole courses which are not individual OER components and not applicable for one week/6 hrs of study. But for me, it was an exercise in seeing what is out there. It would actually take a fair bit of effort to get resources applicable and usable for a 5 week course. My approach to this MOOC is not to get bogged down in the detail but learn a bit and keep on learning a bit!


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