Open Badges MOOC - Badges and metadata

I have completed Challenge 1 and 2 in this MOOC.

Got the badge to prove it!  Well nearly....

I have 3 badges now in the course but have these issues:
a) The first badge has little value to me now or later (participation by joining a group)
b) The next two badges have no direct evidence as part of their metadata
c) The "Publish to Mozilla" button is not working and I can't get them in my backpack. However with no link to the evidence then I'm not sure I even want all the Challenge badges in there.

What has been my extrinsic reward for doing this work?

I value the 10/15 higher than a non functional badge.

What has been my motivation to continue?

Intrinsically I enjoy learning this new stuff. I'm also using it as a valuable, real task at my workplace which will lead me into new areas of the organisation and new conversations across the organisation.

What metadata did I expect?

I first tried to submit this work through a link to my blog but was told I had to paste the text in. I assumed that this would be used as part of the metadata. I expected that the Criteria metadata would include a description of the challenge and the Evidence metadata would include my submitted work.