Dividing up Spaces

Hi everyone!
I still feel like I'm in the conversation even though it's async! Watching this I was able to use the  exercise to think about dividing spaces and how we are 'trained' to put things in boxes or consider comics as only "characters that do stuff". If we blow this apart and look at "image, text and spacial compositions" then these drawings become much more dynamic and multi-faceted.

Here is the result of the exercise titled: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF...
(watch the video if you want the details of the exercise!!)

This is using the crumpled blank piece of paper that I kept from my Untro. I knew it would come in handy! I made a whole heap of notes while watching that video. Fodder for future chewing! Some things I think about when I step back and look at the above 'drawing'.
  • I am me, one line from the start of the day until the end of the day, there are no gaps
  • The crumples in the paper are the sub-text, they can be ignored or they can dictate the marks on the page
  • This ends with an inward turning arrow (make of that, what you will)
  • My drawing contrasts with the highly structured colouring in page in the background
  • Our 'public space' called DAY is bound by the edges of the paper
  • Some spaces will be filled and some spaces always have room for more
  • There is no going back...tomorrow will be a new page!