Horizon - A Journey in 5 Parts


I started as a poem in response to a photograph.
(I'm a haiku which is a more funky sounding poem)

I've been exhibited on a wall.
(People come, read and leave)

I've had music written for me.
(Pause in your busy schedule, listen, enjoy)

I've been splashed along an amazing sunset picture.
(Picture that)

I've been coloured in
(I kinda like this version)

What did I learn from this journey?
(apart from having fun and changing outfits)

If I'm not around to explain me
(which doesn't take long)

Then audio and animation certainly adds to my life
(some outfit changes work and some don't)



1. Hanging out with a bunch of people:
Make Cycle #2 Hangout


2. A Remix of that: How to [Google] Hangout!

3. Flipping out with a few others for another introduction.

Making Learning Connected - Maker Cycle #2 -
Many thanks for collaboration with Laura Ritchie and Amy Cody Clancy