Lest We Forget- It started with a tweet - #blimage

Taking on the #blimage challenge.

What is the #blimage challenge? 
You send an image or photograph to a colleague with the challenge that they have to write a learning related blog post based on it. Just make sure the images aren’t too rude. The permutations are blimmin’ endless.” Steve Wheeler, 2015

I am the student, this is my learning.

a drawing of the inspirational artist Yslaire 
How did I get here?

It started with a Tweet.

Which moved me to a blog

I like reading those comments
Another angle, a different view
This leads me to another blog

These names remain
From my study online
This means little
To a small boy needing breakfast - to be continued.

(Much later)


I'm intrigued by this image
Which is a good place to start
Or continue this journey.


Lest we forget
The cable connection,
Our wings lie dormant,
Flightless, a dull reflection.
Until we remember
The ground where we sit,
Environmental impact grows,
Dug, like a pit.

Lest we forget
The horizon and the sun,
We crouch, crippled, stagnant,
Mind knots slip undone.
Until we remember
Our human connections,
We sit, stuck, rock piles,
A puzzle with missing sections.

Lest we forget
Peace that nature gives,
We stretch our legs,
Disconnect, run and live!
Until we remember the
Ever present moon,
Dark side hidden
Our chances over too soon.

Lest we forget
The "Good old days"
Our bodies not yet progressed
Catching up in many ways.
Until we remember -
Come down a notch or two,
We'll suffer malaise of overuse
Until our days are through.

Lest we forget -
The trumpet resounds.
Our minds need rest to repair
Neural paths or make new ground.
Until we remember
Life's setting sun
In youth we juxtapose
Technology with time for fun.

Wendy Taleo
cc by sa nc