Virtually Connecting - my experience during ALT Conference 2015

This post will compare two experiences I've had so far.
It's also to respond to Keith Hamon's question at the end of this Hangout.

"How can the people on the ground connect to the conference?"
"Is it necessary?"

First session - I was watching the Hangout and micro-blogging as the hangout progressed.

Here is the storify of my tweets for that session.

What I noticed was that it is tricky to micro-blog and watch as you have to keep the thought in your head while you compose the tweet. Getting the relevant tags in each post can be hard to do on the fly (quickly). When I read back over the tweets, some of it needs the context of the whole recording to make sense and I want to add in more details like tags and links.

The second session (shown above) I watched the recording. This took me all day (in between paid work) to do but allowed me a closer reading of the content. Here is my feedback (in time order) as I watched the recording.

(Awesome pink curtains.)
"When I met her it was like, normal" Maha Bali
"What is a virtual buddy anyway?" Maha Bali
"The meeting after the hangout was very valuable" Rebecca Hogue
(How tall are you?)
"Having a virtual person who wants to be there [at the conference] is the best motivator to get people involved in this type of connecting." Maha Bali
"It's about the connections with people, not the content" Bonnie Stewart
"Digital Humanness" George Station
"The discussions we have through virtually connecting will be more valuable to me" Rebecca Hogue
"I can get their presentations by texting them [the presenters] later, if I want" Rebecca Hogue
"This [type of connecting] enables me to try (the door handle)" Autumm Caines
"Sometimes you just have to show up, this is one of those times" George Station
"It's about space. The inbetween space is the most important." Simon Ensor
"This is cool. This is worth doing" Keith Hamon answers his own question
"Eeeeeeeeek" Autumm Caines (reaction to meeting people synchronously for the first time)
The old saying can be rephrased "What you know IS who you know". Autumm Caines

Even as I'm watching I'm aware that I'm taking more note of the voices of the people in this Hangout that I've had previous connections with. The connectedness (however brief) makes their voice stand out to me. Why would I even do this? Mainly because I've learnt so much and it matches my learning philosophy which is to learn by doing and then share through participation. And yes, I'd really like to be at the conference!

this is my space inbetween