What's your favorite rhizome?

Is poetry a #rhizo16 focus now?
What is rhizo-poetry?

Poetry that is crowd sourced?
Poetry that is freeform?

What about structure?
Can a sonnet be a rhizopoem?

A poem that has no beginning
Is it like poetry that never ends?

My favourite rhizomes are
Galangal and fresh tumeric

Poetry that connects people
Poetry created by connected people

That’s like saying poetry-poetry

What would make it a rhizo poem then?
Yes to rhizo poemetric algorithms

Slinkies modelling the heat death of
the universe in your house

Snail tracks across rose leaves
Without apparent connectors

The difference between a right word
And an almost right word *

Like apples of gold in pictures of silver **
A poem that can be read in any order.

Sarah Honeychurch
Angela Brown
Terry Elliott
Autumm Caines
Jefferey Keefer
Scott Johnson
Mark Twain *
King Solomon **

(I feel the need to identify the dead mens words. Did the others give me all rights to reproduce? Or can the dead men sue me now?)