How to perform a reduction

Use poetry to cut the excess elaboration.
Poetry seeks to glean the nuggets out of any experience.

Often there is so much happening during the experience that the senses just need to soak it all in. 

After the experience, there is a condensing, a meaning that comes out of it. 

How to be a poet:

Accept what comes from silence. 

Write words that don't disturb the silence they came from.

Write words that can disrupt/erupt/plant new ideas.

Share words carefully.


Using a Haiku form to cut to the core.

By using a reduced form of word structure it makes you think about what is critical to the conversation. Even expressing an image into words can be more effective by reducing the amount of words. The typical haiku form (5/7/5) has a flow about it that is pleasant to the brain.

Is seven the magic number?

Could you write any experience in just seven words?

Changing forms to perform a reduction.
Reductions have intense flavour.

We want our words to have impact.

Intensity can encourage a 'more-ness'.

What is the consistency of your learning?

"When you evaporate the liquid, you will get a more concentrated flavor and a thicker consistency."


Using Manifesto's to cut through the layers

"Manifesto's cut into the deep rooted principles that drive you" M. Lindenmayer

The Online Teaching Manifesto, 2016, has 22 statements.

Each one is thought provoking, condensed and rich.