The importance of touch

We need to touch as human beings

We are tactile by nature

Will we evolve out of that in the digital age?

I was watching the documentaries of the Twin Towers coming down - the amount of paper! it was scary and like confetti but meaningless. Out of context, charred, settling in unsettled piles on the pavement.

A hypothesis that I'm working on is that on reason we have not gone paperless in the office is that we still need touch

The touch of paper

The touch of pen nib to paper

The feel of pencils shedding colour on paper

The importance of touch in creating and making

The importance of making for connections

The importance of texture

The touch of keyboard (I'm desensitized after years of this touch)

Touch of fingerpads on clarinet keys (a new touch for me this year)

Touch can regulate emotions

Touch modulates negative emotions (Hertenstein et al, 2006)

I reject this image, the tech has no touch

Until I read about the work of adding a sense of touch to prosthetics

I'm left with the feeling of empathy for those who have lost touch

Ahhh, the cold, hard face of tech, 
if only there was more love,
more hands to hold
more flirting and laughter
less bits and bytes.

Surely then, I'd be engaged
more likely to respond
more open to be me
this techy, messy, pixelated
version of me
working in the digital.

Poem for #HumanMOOC 2016

Hertenstein, M. J., Verkamp, J. M., Kerestes, A. M. & Holmes, R. M. (2006) Touch in humans. Genetic, Social, and General Psychology Monographs, 132, 10+.(Accessed 2016/12/15/).