Common and uncommon grounds

Subtitle: The crow and skip bins, gems and detritus.

Where the crow flies

In this world of the internet of things
what is the common ground?
where are the free spaces?

"We plow the ground"

The snow is never seen here
to block my path
or blur my vision

Warmth comes in spades
breezes push the sunshine
without my helping hand

Thank our ability to love
thank the creator of seed
what is painted on the wayside
is for the wayfarers to read

My daily bread is here
gathered from the detritus
my gem is dug out with care
without the loving intervention
of teaching or tests
or the correcting of wrongs.

Wendy Taleo (2017)

In response to Simon Ensor's post, this is a picture/poem kind of reply story. This is not precious art, this is a non-precious open resource of limited educational value.

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