Sound Mountains - a #CLMOOC adventure

My first post for CLMOOC 2017....but so much has already been happening. The Twitter and G+ feeds have been keeping me busy! From a daily connect activity (thanks Kevin Hodgson) Karon Bielenda and I have been working together. Here is a bit of an insight into the process and thinking so far.

Postcards: from the Twitter chat for Week 2, I've dug out my March-themed postcard that never quite got off the cutting room floor. The theme was music and here is a poem (plus a hidden poem) that I created on "What music means to me". I used colour to create some shapes around the poem. Karon said they looked like mountains and we are using that theme for this activity.

Digital or not: I've now shared the postcard in CLMOOC Around The World and it joins a rather delicious collection of postcards (in traditional format with back and front displayed).

Re-imagined: How could the postcard be reimagined? How could we expand and invite others into working with this image? Below is the padlet as a base for this activity. The first column has the original postcard and suggested instructions. The next 3 columns are available for others to add their versions of remixing this postcard (colouring, doodle, reframe etc). The last column is special!

Play this: If you want to draw a single line on the blank manuscript and share an image in the last column, I will attempt to play it (piano or clarinet) and share out the resulting music/sounds/beats.

Made with Padlet

Karon and I are working on a Thinglink idea as well! Stay tuned for that one. I look forward to seeing the padlet expand and grow as you contribute, have a go, remix and join in!