Equity Unbound

Alternative CV for Equity Unbound
Alternative CV: Wendy Taleo 2018 CC BY

My alternative CV outlines some of the things in my day. Smash avo on toast (as the fancy cafe's call it) is always enhanced with vegemite. My clarinet is getting some air time recently and the book and ipad are never far away. A soft toy Cassowary keeps my son company with the moving image on the flat, glass screen. Shoes for the journey and a slither of film strip for reflection on technology past. These are the things that my CV doesn't say.

It starts with an invitiation.

Maha Bali posted her beautiful updated #altcv

but what struck me was the grey space left behind by the empty embed of dead technology. I responded with a grey space poem.
On the other side of the world, Kevin Hodgson was celebrating dot day. I added my #altcv there, unbound in a squound. He commented on the sound of this word, which kicked off this poem.

Which perhaps deserves to be heard.