Jump Start - More Digital Writing

Oh Christmas Code

Oh Christmas Code
Oh Christmas Code
How mysterious
Your mean and mode.

Oh Christmas Code
Oh Christmas Code
How luminous
To those that know.

This is my jumpstart for #MoDigiWri (More Digital Writing) where we are encouraged to blog 150 words for 30 days through Anna Smith's invite.
This code come from Terry's post which had all the code nicely displayed below the original work. This continues a theme I've had this year of looking at code, the layer beneath. From earlier discussions, Kevin notes that this type of writing can....

"harness the possibilities of the underlying yet mostly hidden “writing” — the computer code of the page that we read that has been represented as text but is actually not text..." (Kevin's post)

Part of this digital writing will be a description of process to create images or responses. Steps for the image above (ipad):
1) Screen clip the code portions
2) Edit the photos to show just the portions wanted
3) Bazaart app for arrangement of text, flipping and moving - save image
4) Paper53 app - use the image and add colour lines.

Another poem that is in progress is a Code Poem (please contribute through GitHub repository). This has been a road for me to learn GitHub with a code-non-code idea. A side project of the Mozilla Open Leaders Cohort 6 that I completed in December in conjunction with others.

Part of the value I get from digital writing is the connectedness with others (why is disconnectedness acknowledged by spell check but not the positive term?). This is a focus at the moment as I continue postgrad study through the lens of The Networked Practitioner . Through our interactions we seek to expand our understanding and extend and stretch our writing skills.

I wandered through these paddocks

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