Creative Constraints

Creating with constraints. Word counts are a constraint. Depending on how you approach it, it may be a creative kick. Amy Burvall says 'human creativity craves constraints' and encourages people to do a daily challenge of some sort because it gives you the constraint of theme/mode/material.

In the style of a Ling Ling Workout, I dug deep into a bag of tricks and created a 'Wendy Writing Workout' for a #MoDigiWri challenge.

Blog 50 words. Open a dictionary to a random page and use the first 10 words in the blog post.

I opened to the page "daiguiri | damp". This silly tale is title 'Dakked' which I might need to explain for those not familiar with the Australian colloquialism daks. Daks are trousers and to be 'dakked' means someone pulls your trousers down. Before they made footy shorts (ie Aussie rules football) with better designs, this was a common occurrence in games. Another word not used often: dally means to waste time. I used Notepad++ to count my words for me.


Amy's full talk is here. (2 mins watching and transcript provided).

There has also been a discussion on collecting resources and archiving material in a way that is accessible to others. Here is a wonderful collection by Amy on her Keynotes and other pieces.