Anchor Points

Anchor Points

In the anchor points of life
we hold
In the memories we have
tales are told
In the experiences we never ask for
is gold
In the crashes we nearly had
but didn't fold
In the buzz of creation
we are sold
In the notes we didn't play
silence is bowled
At those moments of flow
we enfold
Keep the anchor points of life.

by Wendy Taleo

A response from The Art of Is
Kevin Hodgson story of improvisation.


  1. Something's to be heard
    in the space between
    these songs, where the flow
    occurs for many of us

    We, of the connected kind

    If we listen closely enough
    follow the beacons
    of sound, each note a step

    Improv abounds

    --Kevin, riff return

  2. Another amazing riff from Terry Elliot


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