Music is a constant stream

Music is a moving stream
Running through my ears
With the sounds of nature
Predawn warbles cut
Gentle sound paths.

Music is a flowing stream
Headphones plugged in
Turn the volume up to blot out
Thoughts and dusty memory tracks
Soak in the lyrics and rhythm.

Music is a constant stream
Wind and string instruments
Aligning fingers, eyes and notes
Creating new patterns
Learning jazz progressions.

Music is a silent stream
In words, marked on the page
No stave required
Syllable rhythms appear
Ancient guiding structures.

Music is a connecting stream
Skills formed using notes
Intersect and nourish roots
Experiment with new flows
This stream is a constant song.

Poem by Wendy Taleo

#clmooc #writeout #stream

Photo by Mason B. on Unsplash


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