One Hundred

One hundred

Ma girl up north
She be needin' some talk
‘bout this online teaching malarkey

Students piling up
Like flies on a cup
Submitting work online for marking

We been talkin’ round and round
This marking guide ground
A rubric, they call it, no less

But trouble it bit
When technology hit
For dem ideas just weren’t go’na cut it

Like whaaaaat?
And why not? but....
Were hangin' in the air
It looked mighty fine on da paper

Percentages and weighting
Were slammed at the grating
But all we got out was swiss cheese

So I stepped back a bit
Out for sunshine and a sip
While she wrestled that hard coded beast
Bonus points got rusty
Along with passion, dusty
‘ya can’t go over one hundred!’ cried the beast

But we came out a’right
The markers sitting tight
Dem students, they won’t know a thing!

Created during the #clmooc #PoetryPort Project February 2020. My son provided the beat boxing.

Image: Photo by sebastiaan stam on Unsplash


  1. I appreciate the flow and the beat ... and the poetic music collab between mom and son ... yeah, all around.


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