This small island

This small island
Has one lonely pier
Who will arrive?
With what kind of gear?

Out in the boat
No more connection
Just waves and fish
Salt water inflection.

Around the curve
Picturesque bay
Paradise of learning
Who could say?

This sandy beach
Reveals a story
Of other company
Through footprint glory.

That rocky path
A hut I can see
A spiral of smoke
Draws pictures for free.

Under palm trees
Children play
Their knowledge gained
Come what may.

In time for sunset
Write down thought
Convey intention
Inquiry wrought.

By Wendy Taleo


Written for @oneissilva Bethany Silva as part of the #poetryport project


  1. Thank you!
    Bethany, this poem by Wendy for you is part of our month-long CLMOOC adventure of gifting out poems. I sent in a few phrases and ideas, on your behalf, and Wendy took it away from there.


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