The Runway

The Spring collection
In another hemisphere
Plays out on the runway
Music bold and clear.

Our choice of covering

Tells an immediate story
From prêt-à-porter to haute couture
A secret world of glory

Every crease designed

To hang a certain way
Every flounce a masterpiece
Of intentional splay

‘Inflatable latex trousers’*

The headline shouts
With 13 thousand likes
Avant-garde fashion flouts

Diversity on the catwalk

Is flattened and cold
Neutral expressions
By the model’s mold.

The minimalist trend

Moves in another direction
Bamboo, cotton and wool
Sustainable protection

Who sews this history?

Defined by fashion
What does the designer wear?
To show the clothing passion.

By Wendy Taleo
for @Yinbk #PoetryPort #CLMOOC gift.

* Instagram 2020
Photo by on Unsplash


  1. Thank you for writing this poem for me based on my keywords. So much thought and effort was put into it. I wonder too what designers themselves wear sometimes, but often, I think they wear their own brands, like Victoria Beckham. Now, I know an art teacher though whose artistry doesn't show through in her dressing, and it made me wonder. Should we expect artists to reflect their artistry in other areas of their lives too?


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