The way to stay happy

To stay happy
In this ever-changing world
Is to tune out ---
Turn the dial away from social media
Close your eyes
To digital malarkey
Curve your fingers
Around the wine
Call the dog
Head for the wilds.

The wilds
Where social distancing
Is a given
No one to shake hands or sneeze over you
Just the vigorous rustling
Of mature tree branches
Bringing fresh scents
To canine noses.

Canine noses
Leading on random paths
Through birch wood and bramble
Playing for hours
As you take your ease.

Take your ease
As the sun tracks time
Allow darkness to reveal
Satellites orbiting overhead
Far below the stars.

The stars help
Your unfocused gaze
Accept gentle vibes
Casting shadows that colour your thoughts
Now space for meditation
This is
The way
To stay happy.

by Wendy Taleo
a gift poem for Sue Beckingham (@SueBecks) in the #CLMOOC #PoetryPort project