New fashion protest

New fashion protest for #OER20

I don’t usually protest
I’m the calm floating duck
Moving in the stream
Riding on the rippling surface
Paddling madly underneath

I don’t usually protest
I take it on the chin
Or learn a new skill,
Build the bridge
And dance on that thing.

I don’t usually protest
But this is not usual times
Busy teaching others
The skills they need
What about me?

I’ve read all the things
About positivity and hope
About getting back to normal
(or the best parts of that)
And yet….

I feel like protesting
Shouting at the trees
Unfairness of everything
Locked behind doors
Hiding from spores

I feel like protesting strongly
Disturbing the microbes
Crushing all the swab probes
Differentiating flu and cold
Sneezing and mould

I feel like protesting
Screaming ‘it’s not fair’
Grieving for the dead
(I don’t even know)
To stop breathing air

Today, I’ve written
This COVID19 story
A poetic protest
Given with passion
Creating new fashion
Of protesting with care

By Wendy Taleo (@wentale)

An invitation:

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  1. Addendum:

    I feel like protesting
    Doing a Jokavich
    Standing with the unvaxed
    (If that was my choice)
    How do we give voice?

    - written after 3td shot government mandated if I wish to keep my job.


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