Outside my window

Window Sketch
Image: Wendy Taleo 2020

Outside my window
A gum tree stands sentry
I witness the seasons
bark / curling / changing.

I bought this window
It costs a lot
Now framing my
waking / thinking / planning.

Outside my window
A dog lurks out of view
Cat ears flicker
inside / safe / warm.

Desert ochre rocks
Push against endless skies
Sun bleached earth colours
mauve / olive / blue.

Outside my window
Morning floods with light
Memories etched
tracing / shadow / paths.

Horizon softened by mountain range
Laying East to West
Caterpillar landed*
unchanged / forever / here.

Written in Alice Springs, Central Australia, 2020.

* Refering to the Aboriginal Dreamtime story of the Yeperenye (caterpillar)