How to share the moon

How do you share the moon? Start by viewing the moon, randomly check Twitter and read a poem. This process started and then bloomed to sharing poetry and writing across our zones. It ended with Daniel Bassill sharing a graphic/map from the Tutor Mentor Team which inspired this sketch note of the process of 'sharing the moon'. Poetry flowed across our surfaces, day/night, US/Australia, hashtags and poems. Here is a linked version for you to wander through.

Sketchnote How to share the Flower Moon. Sketch Note by Wendy Taleo, 2020.

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  1. I love this. All of this, and how all of this stems from you and I sharing a moment of the same moon, a world away from each other, and how the light of that connection -- those poems -- were like little pieces of invitation to others ... and not only that, but that they followed the light to write their own poems. I mean, that's just beautiful on so many levels.

  2. I loved reading all of these and listening to your voice reading. Lovely that we on this blue marble can view the same moon and all that it inspires. Thanks for creating this.

  3. Hi Wendy,

    I love this. I hope you don't mind that I embedded your thinklink into my post, Add Value, today. It's such a great example of curating and responding to ideas of the world. Thanks for creating this.

  4. What a cool #curation and #collaboration, Sheri!


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