Using Nothing

Five days of poetry following Kathryn Appel, author and educator Queensland, Australia, through the #PoetryPepUp prompts. Trying all different forms to 'build muscle in creativity'. Sharing on Twitter and Instagram and through an informal research presentation in Charles Darwin University. I used this poetry to delve into 'nothingness', using nothing and how poetry can be an emergent writing form.

For Day 1 the form was: Zentangle and Blackout poetry
I had never combined these two techniques together. The zentangle allowed me to to incorporate direction for the reader.
1. Study the Ants
2. The Basics of Music

For Day 2 the Forms suggested an Epigram and a Solange

From hats to hates
Mats to mates
The 'e' has many traits.
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Quiet night
Extroverts plight

The above poem emerged from these drafts with feedback from Kathryn:

A blissful quiet 
The introverts plight 
A blissful quiet night 
in - the extroverts plight 

Day 3

Form: Tetractys
I took the challenge option for a homophone double tetractys.

Knots can hold our hope, can confuse us, can show our entanglements, can make us spend time to get them undone, can be misunderstood, need a single thread to start can fill gaps and be beautiful.

Knots -
life rope
show patterns,
collect our hope,
reveal entanglements with fractal gaps.

Unknowable songs create endless loops 
binding my heart
made up of
silver threads
there, but

'Nots' are the things in life to NOT do, to leave undone, they work better when left alone, things culturally not appropriate, out of context, unknown or subconscious.

Day 4 

Prompt: Use a picture and write in any form

Haiku Trio to track the day
1 Morning
2 10am
3 Ash

Day 5

Unknown, mysterious and never silent ~
the neighbors tree.

The leaves let
in dappled light holes for me
to fall through and see
hope steeped in your
backyard of answers.
Extract from poem titled: ?
by Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker)
Available at: 

Silent Tree
Let me see
Your answers

Poetry prompts from Kathryn Appel

Presented at Charles Darwin University "Using Nothing", June 2020.


  1. I love this kind of exploration (you know that but I need to say it out loud, in words, on the blog). Thank for sharing your poems.


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