Lessons in survival

All those subscriptions
pinging me now
telling me how to thrive
for now I’ll survive.

Do we work for money,
or something cerebral perhaps?
some days we can’t jive
Just need to survive

We are taught that good enough
should be pushed and pushed and pushed
today I accept a little less
I just need to survive.

The job applications taunt me
good or bad or rad
the rivers run dry
I just need to survive

My mental elasticity
has dried up and snapped.
Roots seek water deep
but for now I’ll survive.

from sky blue sky by Wilco https://youtu.be/e2Hfs8J6pHo

Lessons from the River Red gumtree in the arid lands waiting for rain.


  1. A lesson from someone who has adapted in an uncivil ecosphere. I hear you, survivor.

    1. Uncivil - this is indeed how the process felt/feels. After 8 years of service, to pack up and go within 5 days with nary a whisper from the Pro Vice Chancellor. The education system is indeed a weird ecosphere in these times of changes.

  2. I am listening, too. Hearing you.
    And lingering over this line:

    "Roots seek water deep"


    1. We've had a water event over the last 4 days, the (normally) dry river bed has run. As the water recedes from our eyes, I think of the roots of the River Red Gums, going deep below the sandy bed. These trees will survive and thrive until the next water event (a metaphor for me waiting for my next work gig).


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