I met you

I met you in the music
between the valve and reed.

I met you around the treble clef
ensemble of staves we feed

I met you in the music
in each tone - a talent pitch

A rest is given its fair adieu
Unless a melody glitch

I drown in your sound
reverberations linger on

Ripples travel on shared waves
until the last note is gone

I met you long ago
an ancient rhythm beat

I'll see you at the end
each player reserved a seat

A silence treated fairly
Extends the music sheet

I am with you in the music
until double bar lines meet.

by Wendy Taleo (Draft 2021)

Let's Meet. Kevin Hodgson
In a music series: read The Band


  1. Are you doing a poem collection with a music theme? I keep telling myself to go back and curate my music poems, and then I don't.

  2. Yes a collection. Music creates its own poetry.


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