Seeded for connection

Images: Wendy Taleo 2021

In #CLMOOC we have a postcard project that is ongoing. Kevin Hodgson diverged from the normal physical item that is sent and I received a digital postcard in my e-postbox. He wrote:

What might get lost
do you think
when we move away
from ink and towards
digital and design?

When I received the digital postcard I still wanted to feel the paper. Make it tactile. I printed it in black and white, yet it seemed empty. I added colour and folded a cone with torn edges for a holder for my seed pod collection. In the making, I was remaking, in deconstructing I was constructing, respecting the poem and making a space to hold the seed pods which echo the sentiments on the front of the postcard. In the giving there is gaining, nothing lost.


  1. I love this so much, how the digital became paper became holder of seed pods shared back out again.
    Thank you!

    1. As always our connections are cause for pauses and pondering: is digital 'ink ' any different to real ink?


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