Writers are like seaweed

Photo by Luigi Pozzoli

Writers are like seaweed
Don't get me wrong
I mean their digital output
Is tasty when shared with a throng.

Nori has many nutrients
Calcium, copper, iron
Magnesium, manganese,
Phosphorus, potassium, zinc piled on.

The writer pulls this goodness
From the sea of their imagination
Dried in the everyday sun
Flattened for mastication.

Daily staple of words
Sweetened, grain by grain
Offers a bed of flavour
Over ownership refrain.

Wild caught fish or bean curd?
Fruit of the chook or herb?
What lays together
Makes a recipe superb.

Layered with a daily staple
Of experience and observation
Tightly wrapped, it's ready
To be read with concentration.

Armoracia rusticana
The horseradish tuber humble
A rhizome, grated and mashed
With careful dipping tumble.

If you need more grounding
Add another spicy root
Ginger balances salty nori
Another flavour act recruit.

Writers are like seaweed
Wrapping makizushi roll
Designed with care and shared
Nutrients for the soul.

Wendy Taleo 2021 (Draft)

From #PoetryFriday hosted by Ruth https://thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com/ and using the prompt: fact as poetry.


  1. Sometimes, I hope my small poems are like this:

    "Tightly wrapped, it's ready
    To be read with concentration"

    in that there may be a lot inside a little ....


    1. Yes that is one of the beauties of poetry.....a lot inside a little. Thanks for reading and continuing to share your writing.

  2. I want to be the ginger root! Love this...nice metaphor.

  3. I love this! Such a clever extended metaphor. Having spent a week in the actual sea, I especially related to:
    'The writer pulls this goodness
    From the sea of their imagination'

    1. Thanks for reading Sally. I hope your seaweed pulling keeps on going!

  4. You could turn me into a sushi lover yet!

  5. Yes, a very clever metaphor. I got hungry reading this poem! Nori. Ginger. Wild caught fish and bean curd. The rhyme was very well done.

    1. Sounds like a superb combination Janice. I don't often rhyme....but this one seemed to call for it.

  6. Wendy, I am not a lover of seaweed as such, but I most definitely enjoyed noting the metaphorical connections you weaved with your words in aligning seaweed and writers. Your poem clearly established this connection.

    1. Thanks Alan, trying to describe a writer is difficult and hence I needed a metaphor. I liked how it has invoked memories and even tastes with the reader. I've been making sushi at home lately and this has helped the detail here.


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