106 Lines of Colour

Will reading color change the way we biologically process information?

“A tapestry of many colors"
Line 95 from 106 Lines of Thought poem, 2021

Font and inspiration: https://www.christianfaur.com/NewSite/category/color-alphabet/

Original poem https://wentalearn.blogspot.com/2021/02/ds106-lines-of-thought.html

Printable Trifold 106 Lines trifold colour 1 106 LInes trifold colour 2


  1. Very... poetic. :-) Some color contrasts of words against a background color are much harder for me to read than others, especially as I age. I wonder if that impacts my perception of what is written?

    1. This is not an accessible work! Yes, I think our eyes change as we age but there is no way this would pass an accessibility readability test! On reflection it may have been better to have the poem on the left and only the colours on the right. I may add that version at some point.

  2. It's colorful, but I hope it never becomes common in literature. I find it very difficult to read.


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