Not a bird

In the recent DS106 Lines of Thought collaborative poem we used Google docs to record over 4,000 edits. provides a Chrome extension for playing back those edits. The first line of the poem seemed to echo throughout the poem. The bird gave us flight but.....

what if it didn't start with a bird?

Line 1 - 8

Poems hidden in poems. The replay is mesmerising. Perhaps my favourite that carpets the whole exercise is the move from 'cannot' to 'can'. This is the #DS106 attitude. In the daily creates from @ds106dc there is a lightness of 'can'. Just turn up and do the challenge already!

Line 99-106

The replay gives a sense of flow but in reality the poem grew over three days. As this timeline shows, there are gaps of hours and continents between entries. The position in the document outlines a birds wing as people wrote and then traversed to the top of the document to add their name. It mostly followed a numerical descending order through the 106 lines but Line 106 was added early with the surprise ending option at Line 12.

106 Lines of Thought: timeline of entries.

Read the original poem and the infographic for more information.


  1. Slight visual remix:

    1. this epitomises 'shimmer and shiver and fade'....from the poem. Thanks Kevin.


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