November 9, 2013

Open Badges MOOC Challenge 6 - Flow Map and Badge System Design

Challenge 6: Building a Successful Badge System
Aim: create a healthy badge ecosystem that supports the delivery of open digital badges (that have value) to academic staff and support staff in the area of online learning.

A "Flow" Road Map to Implement the System

Setting up a Digital Badged System for Recognition of Skills in Online Instructional Design and Teaching Outcomes
Corporate Vision
Academic Skill Attainment
Aligns to Key Principles of Online Learning
Value Proposition
Obtain Knowledge

Knowledge Base

Self-paced online PD unit and f2f Induction from Office of Learning and Teaching Staff
Structured Learning
Active Learning
Access to Teaching Units

Teaching Portfolio Started
List of units that have been coordinated or taught by the staff member
Structured Learning

Provide a basis for future recognition within the University
Work Towards

Work with others

Blackboard (Bb) Collaborate sessions (including collaborative features such as breakout rooms) +
Self-paced online PD unit for Bb Collaborate

Evidence of extra skill in online teaching (exportable to Mozilla)

Possible pathway for Leadership badge

Discussion Board/Blog/Wiki/Journal used within teaching units
Self-paced online PD unit for Student Feedback
Teacher Presence
Evidence of skill in a key area princples of online learning
Pathway for Leadership badge
Match with Student retention numbers

Corporate Vision
Academic Skill Attainment
Aligns to Key Principles of Online Learning
Value Proposition

Making New Connections

Bb Social Networking and spaces development and used in teaching. Or other social learning tools (UCROO)
Active Learning
Specialist skill area
Pathway for Leadership badge
Pathway for Awards and cross-University initiative

Showing others how to use the LMS features within your Faculty or across the University. Presenting in PD sessions and or National conferences and active in Peer Learning
Active Learning

Highest level badge in this area
Leads to possible pay rise through PDRS system
Pathway for research and other scholarship opportunities

*Note: two badge images missing on this table.

Strength and Weaknesses of this Proposed Badge System


One weakness of this badge system is an ability to share the badge within the organisation. I think perhaps only two of the six badges might be shared in the open Mozilla badges. It would be good to have a space outside of the LMS where Heads of Schools and other academics could easily see which staff has which badge (Digital Leader Board). Awards within the University are clearly displayed on the website and it would be good to have an area for the Leader badge or Social communication badge in a similar vein and with the advantages of digital badges having metadata, staff could click on the badge and get staff bio, badge requirements and evidence shared.


Alignment with current Staff Development Policy.
CDU Staff Development Policy – extract obtained 27 Sept 13
Objectives of Staff Professional Development
The University is committed to providing staff with the resources, infrastructure, frameworks and professional development necessary to advance quality and excellence, and to provide quality support to staff to enable them to achieve their academic and professional goals. The objectives of staff professional development are:
     To ensure relevant staff professional development activities are accessible by, and available to, all members of the University;
     To ensure the staff professional development objectives in the University’s Strategic Plan are implemented and updated;
     To assist staff members in adjusting to technological and organisational change;
     To improve the scope and depth of leadership and management skills, knowledge and understanding;
     To encourage job satisfaction;
     To encourage all staff members to achieve continuous improvement in their work;
     To encourage all staff members to expand, develop and utilise their skills and abilities;
     To improve opportunities for career advancement; and
     To ensure implementation of equal employment opportunities.

From this extract I have highlighted the words that I think align with the implementation of a digital Badge Recognition systems. More specifically I think that badges that are supported in an open standard and recognised within the Education and IT Industry will assist with career advancement and willingness of staff to achieve continuous improvement.

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CDU Change Your World tag
CDU Student Graduate Attributes
Six Key Principles for Online Teaching (OLT) as defined by the Office of Learning and Teaching
Ideas for this table are taken from the free Badge Design Canvas from Digitalme.

UPDATE: The Full Circle Badge has been awarded (15/15) for this final Challenge. Check out the badge here: