May 24, 2017

Let the Wheel Decide!

This game [for #CreativeHE] has been designed from the idea of giving some boundaries around trying a new digital tool. Instead of creating a 'How to' document and asking people to 'read and apply', use the wheel to decide the features and purpose to use the tool and then get creating! The best way to learn a tool is to use it and then to teach others to use it.

Game Instructions:
  1. Spin the wheel until you get a single [3] with two other choices
  2. Note down the results
  3. Create a [Digital Tool name] with those aspects.
The example given below is for VoiceThread. The wheel is designed with [1] types of media [2] types of comments and [3] purpose of the Thread

My Game Results:

I spun the wheel 3 times and got these options: Powerpoint file, Peer Review and Ass: watch. I might need to check these options with my teacher. She said that a watch assessment would not be applicable for Peer Review so I spun again. I got image jpg. Now my task is this:

>>>Create a VoiceThread that includes a powerpoint file, a jpg image and that is designed for peer review.<<<

Give it a go and share your VoiceThread with #CreativeHE

May 23, 2017

A game of honouring.

Image: Michal Parzuchowski,

Is there a place for play and games in higher education?

That is how Day 2 prompt starts for #CreativeHE. I'm not sure there is a yes/no answer so I'll approach this from a sharing perspective. A game that I enjoy is about honouring those in my Professional Learning Network (PLN). It involves these things:
  • close/slow reading
  • using new digital tools
  • curating
  • remix
  • sharing
  • fun
How to play this game:
Choose a blog post of someone in your PLN or curate information from open sources. Complete a slow read of the material. Pick a digital tool that can help you remix the blog post while keeping the original intention. Share it out and acknowledge the author.

Here are two examples that I created today.

In this remix, I look at Sundi's blog post on Intentional Practices.

Taproot Blues has been created from a set of tweets. I've put them together, nearly a poem!

These were created with Lumen5 desktop application. It uses images from and you can choose music to go with the work.