March 22, 2013

Reflections after Week 1 of H817 Open Education

Some thoughts after Week 1:
Enjoyed the two articles, posted for readings.
Links to site for Blog Aggregator was also easy to get to and register for.
OU site - wow, very cludgy, annoying and like a stumbling beast. I'm finding it hard to get around and just trying to bookmark the exact space I need to get to.

Activity 1: Good to have this part documented, orientation around this MOOC is vital.
Activity 2: see above for material
Activity 3: enjoyed the creation and feedback on Activity 3. Found the activities relevant and thought provoking. A wide interpretation of the how to 'do' Activity 3 which in itself has caused lots more discussion.
Activity 4: Chose not to participate in Activity 4

G+ - a lively and interesting bunch of people to communicate with. Feedback on my posts were great and have increased my PLN list. Easy access to updates as it pushes notifications to my profile. Quick access from mobile devices. Loving G+!!
Twitter - have only entered this once...I have not had any connection with others doing this course nor gained any insight about the course or open education generally.
OU Forum for Week 1: posted the link to my Activity 3 and it got corrupted somehow. Somebody corrected this...but their link also got corrupted! Find this Forum rather cludgy and still undecided whether I'll continue to post on there.
OU blogs - had a number of interesting links to other OU students for their blogs that are hosted on OU no avail! Even after signing in I could not read their posts. A shame.
Blog Aggregator - I saw that my first post went up there. Have visited a couple of times since and linked to other people's blogs that I have not seen in G+

How I see Open Education now:
Even after 1 week I would have to say that my definition of Open Education has been expanded and deepened. Particularly how it relates to me. Being an introvert I look inwards and then outwards to the bigger picture! The concept of an Open Scholar is something I've been contemplating. The "share by default" position is something I can be active in now! I particularly enjoyed this picture (from Jonathan Vernon) which shows the aim of getting to persuasive engagement. The bonus about actually commentating on someone else's original work or collection of other's work, is that is makes your brain think. The next step is to collate that thinking and formatting it appropriately, sharing it and letting the circle go around again.

Ready for Week 2!

March 17, 2013

Activity 3 : Visual Representation of Open Education

Challenging this tradition in certain fields (eg: IT support)
"knowledge = power, therefore I must keep the knowledge to myself and then I'll be more powerful"

Get the knowledge out of your head and in a format that can be absorbed and into the Open! Then the linking and learning can begin.

March 15, 2013

Open Education and goals for this MOOC #H187

I'm an IT professional that has moved into the education sphere. I enjoy working from both the technical and the pedagogy angles. I'm also a mum to a beautiful little 2 yr old boy who is the joy of my life. I'm living in an amazing part of the world (Central Australia) and I'm really enjoying my current position. I'm working for a University that is only just starting to look at Open education. All the opinions and writings on this blog are mine and do not reflect or come from the organisation I work for.

This is my third MOOC so I'm not sure if that puts me in the -oholic category but I'm enjoying the diversity of each one, the different tools and the different means of communication. At the end of each one there has been somebody who shared "I've just joined up to....MOOC..." and there I go! No need to search out or wonder 'what I will do next'....increasing my PLN as I go.

What does Open Education mean to me now:
Open Education to me means courses that are run or information that is available to all, free of cost and free of constraints that would knock a lot of people back (pre-requisites). This may be conducted online but it also could be available locally for eg: community garden working parties.

As we know…money does not always motivate people to finish the course! For people to successfully enrol in a free course and get something out of it, they need another motivating factor! People’s interest may lie in their next job/career or just to merge in with their current life or provide an extra dimension that is far removed from their paid work but is a long term interest. The pattern of paying for a course to get to the next pay level is a well established one. However I think there is a much wider need for open education to be available because people are individuals, dynamic and they want the stimulus of learning what they WANT to learn.

My goals for joining this MOOC are:

  •  think about how open education can relate to and work with the regimented, paid, closed education environment that I am involved with
  • have fun and learn some more internet tools that help in effective online learning
  • increase my PLN