Gif(t) it

In #CLMOOC there is a thing called #SilentSunday. A cheery invite appears on a weekly basis throughout the year to encourage anybody to share a single photo with no text. Before it shuts down, you can see a collection on Google Plus Community.
'It’s Sunday! What photo will you post? #photography #silentsunday #clmooc'
From Kim Douillard: Thinking Through My Lens

Using I've selected a few photos from 2018 #SilentSunday photographs and applied animation and a heading to share thinkery through a digital lens.

Breathing bubbles

Original image: Kim Douillard 2018

Life is like a tapestry

Original image: Melvina Kurashige 2018

Fleeting, Flexible and Fragile

Original image Kevin Hodgson 2018

Extra Salt

Original Image: Jane Webb 2018

Peace Cube

Original Image: Simon Ensor 2018

Hearts to you

Original Image: Sheri Edwards 2018

In a series of blog posts for #MoDigiWri challenge

1. Jump Start - More Digital Writing