September 26, 2013

OpenBadges MOOC - Week 1

This is an honest post....

What happens at the start of a MOOC? I am trying to get my head around the subject matter, trying to sort out the best way to document my findings, trying to work out the best website to use for the requirements and generally over-multi tasking as I like to do! What groups do I join? What time commitment will I put into this? Who else is doing it at my workplace?

Here are some scrambled references after listening to the Week 1 recording:

First Twitter feed:

 MP4 vs Blackboard Recording?
I watched Week 1 via the Blackboard Collaborate recording version. While it's great to see the video I got very distracted by the chat area. It was constantly scrolling with non-sequential conversations and people coming and going.

Week 2 I am watching the MP4 version. It's a lot less to concentrate on with just the whiteboard and audio. But I missed that "nice to see you", when the guest speakers turn on their video. The slides are disorganised and can get confusing trying to follow the path of the speaker. In some cases the slides do not change and the speaker shares a lot of information. That's when I need the pen and paper (truly) handy!

Open Badges MOOC Week 2 - They are born - user characters for badging

Characters in the story:

I have four personas that need to be born and here I'll shed some light on them:
1. Unicorn is a multi sector education provider that needs to stay innovative and have great outcomes to stay afloat. Unicorn has a rather singular vision of profit! (colour- white)
2. Whiskey is employed by Unicorn. Half techno-geek and half pedagogy-freak, Whiskey supports the LMS and also designs and delivers PD for sierra types. Whiskey needs to align the PD given with the goals and aspirations of Unicorn or not get paid! (colour - earth brown)
3. Tango are also employed by Unicorn and needs continual skill development for these reason a) keeping up with new technology b) Unicorn's demands on course development and c) Sierra expectations. Tango attends training by Whiskey to partly accomplish this and needs to be able to show this as a widely recognised achievement. Tango also have their eye open for new opportunities with other Unicorn like animals so looking for transferable, recognised skill sets. (colour - sea blue)
4. Sierra is enrolled at Unicorn. They expect the best education, could be located anywhere in the world. May be low tech literate and live remote from Unicorn's physical location or have high tech skills and live urban. Sierra needs evidence that future employers can easily understand their expertise gained while enrolled at Unicorn. Sierra needs to have this evidence recognised in an international context as they are highly mobile and likely to work outside of their current country location. (colour - copper red)

5. Lima was nearly forgotton in this story. Lima represents the Learning Management System or other systems that support Sierra. Lima is central to this story in a way because they are the ones that are baking and giving out paper cookies for good, well recognised behaviour and goal meeting. (colour - dusty green)
Further ideas to develop:
Create buttons or badges that represent each character
Create avatars for each one (doppelme?) and complete the challenges as a conversation. 
Use the 'call sign' analogy all the way through the challenges
Cookie/badge designs

Ecosystem (current)

How does this system work now? What is an ecosystem? My paraphrasing of wikipedia is the interaction of living and non-living things in the one area. We have these players listed above, some of which live and breath and Lima chugs along according to it's manipulations by the living things. A well balanced ecosystem means that it continues and is able to grow without any detriment to other ecosystems. Hopefully it would benefit other systems by it's outputs. Let's see what this might look like in a picture.

Before Badge User Story

This has got to be about Tango. Tango knows that they need continual skill development to use Lima to effectively get the message across to Sierra. However they are pushed for time and even though the PD sessions sound interesting. They have no support from the Unicorn to really attend these sessions. The benefits from these sessions are not really tangible. Tango needs some method of being able to track their time spent on developing their skills and developing their units in the Lima environment.

September 9, 2013

Open Badges MOOC - setting up...

9 September 2013

Joining the Open Badges MOOC today. Completed the welcome survey and trying to familiarise myself with the course outline. Put up my first tweet and away we go! The main hassle with this MOOC is the that the live sessions are 3:30am my time, so it will be listening to the recordings when I can.

My Goals for this one:
- Connectivist experience
- Learn more about badges in a HE and professional work sense
- Gain ideas to try in my work environment (badge design)
- Increase my PLN

For the next 6 weeks I will blog once a week to reflect and cement my learning in this area. I'm also going to be active in Twitter and Discussion Boards.

Badge it up!!