January 17, 2017

New Year, New Stories

(Love these unsplash.com photos)

January and it's summertime in my corner of the world. If you stand still enough, for long enough, the stars will show you patterns. This month I'm joining the open course of Network Narratives. So far it's been an interesting journey of hacking, alchemy, Taoist principles, seek-your-own-adventure, story telling and mysterious personalities appearing! Who knows what will happen but I'm in for the ride! Where are the trails so far?

Twitter - it's all about @NetNarr and #NetNarr (with a daily challenge #dda1-14 this month)

G+ - Maybe I had a bit of FOGD* so I setup a Collection. You can join it here.

Blogs - RSS feed pending on this blog

Hypothes.is Group (New feature to me!) - https://hypothes.is/groups/3g3oPBPP/networked-narratives

New trails will appear, I'm sure, as the course 'officially' starts today!

* A derivative of FOMO that Laura Gibbs dropped into the conversation about the Fear of G+ Dying!

GO TO Networked Stories for more of the NetNarr adventure.