How to crochet a poem

"Now replaced by light"
from Line 12 in the poem

Each strand is a line from the poem
Each chain is a character in the line
Each bead represents a contributor to the poem

Catch up 
Read the original poem and how the #DS106 activity came about. Since the collaborative poem has been written, there are a number of educators that are diving into remixes.

"remix as an emergent, iterative, collaborative, critical practice with transformative possibilities for openly networked web-mediated professional learning" Smith et al (2016)

How to crochet a collaborative poem

1. Take a mental snapshot of the 106 Lines of Colour 

2. Vision: Flip it, monochrome and wrap it around a light bulb (Line 1 meets Line 106)

3. Import the original poem in Excel and use =LEN(A1) to determine the character length of each line

4. Crochet a base with 106 stitches on the edge

5. From each edge stitch, crochet a line of the poem with a single chain for each character

6. Attach 44 beads around the fringe to represent each writer/collaborator of the poem

7. Stiffen the base and sew in a wire ring. Steam iron the strands

8. Assemble the crochet over the desktop lamp base.

9. Option: buy a groovy, retro bulb to add interest to the light

All images: Wendy Taleo, 2021

References and Inspo

#EduKnitNight - A group of educators/makers that get together and discuss their (mostly yarn and needle) projects

Smith, A., West-Puckett, A., Cantrill, C., and Zamora, M. (2016) “Remix as Professional Learning: Educators’ Iterative Literacy Practice in CLMOOC.” Education Sciences 6, no. 1 (2016).

Twigger Holroyd, Amy. “Reknit Revolution.” Reknit Revolution (blog), n.d.


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  2. Another yowza moment of transformation .. pure beautiful creativity

  3. There's always more
    ways to weave
    these words,
    whether by pen
    or yarn or song

    We take these gifts,
    creatively given -
    this poem, collaboratively
    written -

    arranging pieces, like lights,
    into places, pins on the maps
    of our shared spaces,
    where ideas belong


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